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I do a deep dive on the vision for your ideal mortgage

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Don’t let your mortgage approval be full of surprises. Having a seasoned expert at the controls makes for a stress-free experience.


An online process to streamline the boring admin? You got it.

Apply in 15 mins and I can recommend you a deal, usually within 24 hours. I do all the work with the lender for you.

Mortgage Budget

I sit with you, look at your goals and plans for the next 3-5 years. From that we draft up a perfect mortgage budget that can help you pay it off faster.

Market Top View

I have access to nearly every mortgage out there. Hell, I have access to exclusive deals from your own bank that your own bank won’t offer you.

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Andy Hill – Mortgage Planner

410 W Georgia St, 5th Floor, Vancouver BC
Phone Number: (604) 398-8177

Kind words from my mortgage clients

Based on 10 reviews
Andreas Grunewald
Andreas Grunewald
I did a mortgage transfer with Andy to a new bank. Andy was helpful and supportive. The bank the mortgage was moved from did everything to make the move as hard and costly for me as possible. Thankfully Andy helped me get everything sorted even though the outgoing bank was not cooperative. It was stressful and frustrating at times. Andy cares so much about his customers to make everything right in the end.
James Wyatt
James Wyatt
Andy, you’re a hero, professional and excellent guide to the world of rates, holds, terms, and everything mortgage. Thanks a million, couldn’t recommend you enough.
Philip Lau
Philip Lau
We reached out to Andy last summer and was very happy with the service he provided. He was extremely knowledgeable as a mortgage professional and provided helpful advice each step of the way. Andy was responsive to our emails/calls and always let us know whenever he was out of town. The rates he gathered were very competitive and allowed us to lock into an amazing rate before the recent rate increases. We are very thankful for his help and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing help with a mortgage.
Mahfuz Rahman
Mahfuz Rahman
Great communication and easy to work with
Kavin Colson
Kavin Colson
Andy did a great job on my home purchase, beating all timelines and making it an easy and stress-free process.
Aarin Bolade
Aarin Bolade
This is the 2nd time I have worked with Andy and the team at MortgagePal. They have always been fantastic. They are very communicative throughout the process which I really really appreciate. They quickly close and every person is so friendly and kind. I would highly recommend them!
Shelley Donovan
Shelley Donovan
Andy was beyond amazing to work with! He is personable, professional and thoughtful. His website was seamless and easy to keep track of which documents were submitted. Andy responded promptly and was continually available to help. He took so much stress off our shoulders, and for that I can’t thank him enough! Best service I’ve received all year.
I found Andy Hill through one of those pop-up ads while on the internet. I don’t normally pay any attention to them but this time I did and I’m glad I did. During a simple half hour telephone conversation with Andy Hill, I finally feel in control of a situation that I thought was really bad. I talked to a local mortgage broker and got the run around for 2 weeks only to be given the most ridiculous advice. Andy listened to me and heard all my concerns. He then explained the various options available to me and the ballpark dollar and cents it was going to cost me, in the long and the short term, for each and every option (there were several, not just the one the local mortgage broker offered). I’m going with his advice and will be going back to him in a few months to revisit my situation while watching mortgage interest rates. Will post an update at that point. In the meantime, give him a call. He didn’t charge me anything for his advice and didn’t have me running around like a blue-arsed fly. I find him to be a no BS kinda guy.
Raghav Manchanda
Raghav Manchanda
Andrew is amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable about various lenders, getting the best rate and which lenders to get for you. I have relied on his expertise for a variety of files and highly recommend him to anyone seeking a mortgage!
Corene Liu
Corene Liu
This guy. Man, this guy helped me (a complete noob at property buying) with getting an awesome mortgage deal. He knows his stuff well enough to have left working for a brokerage (where he picked up my file) to start his own. He was great with communication, easy to understand, answered all my dumb questions with 0 judgement, and just felt like he really wanted to help me. So I was confused when that initial contact was lost via previous brokerage. He was building his own company, and couldn't poach me as a client. This was unbeknownst to me, but had me hunt for him. After finding him, he resumed his diligent work ethic and now I got me a bit of property in Vancouver. He was keen on following up with me in a timely manner and made the whole process smooth. He let me know what choices were available, and was never pushy; I had my autonomy and he allowed me to make my own informed decisions sprinkled with his suggestions when I was lost. This guy. 👌I can't wait to meet him. If it wasn't for COVID, I'd bear hug the man.

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